Uontana Shotengai

Fish! Marvelous Fish!

Akashi is a Port Town and its fresh fish is famous, really famous Рin particular the octopus and squid. In fact, wandering around town you encounter octopus in all varieties, including an octopus boat service and as sweets in the form of lollies, which promise to cure headaches and restore energy. Uontana  (short for Uo no Tana (fish selves) is a roofed shopping street close to the sea, where local fishermen display and sell the fish that is caught in the Akashi Strait. Indeed the fish is amazing! The unlikeliness factor is shockingly high. And Uontana has been here for more than 400 years!

A variety of fish and sea food on offer.
Somehow they look a bit reproachful …
Suction cups …

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