Landing on Mars

Here and somewhere on a very hot day

So here we are, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street of a not so big city. And we look around. At almost 40 degrees Celsius things go slowly – us included. And I perceive that what is before my eyes only with some delays. It feels a bit like an orientational exercise – where am I? And when?

Doublings (Street View with Futon Shop)
Next to the Fugu Restaurant

I find some plants that seem to make a strong case for the possibility of encounters between extraterrestrials and earthlings.

Extraterrestrial Lifeforms have Assimilated

But delight is mixed in this as I discover the vending machines. The drinks vending machines that had fascinated me some 25 years ago are still around! Well, of course. For me they were definitely something that was intricately connected to this island in the East.

So you see already, after looking around a bit more and finding indications of the exact location and the name of the place, you realise, that well of course, this is not Mars but it is Earth.  So then …, between states exist.

Liquor Shop with Out of Hours Measures
Peeking into the garage of one of the shops (Bikes, Plants and Boxes)
Wonder, Wonder, Vending Machine (still a wonder after all those years)
Orientational Measures: Akashi City Icon