Hakata Machiya Folk Museum and Memories of Ghosts

More than meets the eye at these three Machiya houses in the former Hakata area.

The Hakata Machiya Folk Museum is a relatively small museum that is spread over three Machiya (traditional town buildings). It is much like an introduction into the local history, culture and identity via displays, holograms, reconstructions of traditional buildings and environments, as well as live demonstrations by artisans. Well, this is what the official description is.

Obake Court

However, once you open your other eye, oddly time travel becomes very likely and all the different snippets and artifacts on display start to mingle and let you enter the set of times gone by (mostly Meiji and Taisho Period, i.e. after the opening of the country, before WW2). And as if this was not quite enough, when squinting again and again, even the occasional yokai might pop up around the corner, but I guess that would be up for the evening hours or the night. For day time adventures probably it still needs a couple of decades to imprint the passage of time.

This way (post box)
Hozuki (Physalis, Chinese Lantern Plant)

These flowers or to be precise, their seeds are used as part of the Bon Festival as offerings to guide the souls of the deceased.

Typical Kid Adventures
Checking for spirit potential
Momotaro (& Friends) and the Oni
The Tree that tells his own tale

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