Ninja Dera

Ninja Dera (Ninja Temple) or formally known as Myoryuji Temple …

Above: Entrance to the Temple

Graves and Protectors of Lost Children
Lockers for Shoes

Myoryuji, or today nicknamed the Ninja Temple was built by the Maeda lords. Since the shogun imposed strict building restrictions as one way of weakening his regional lords, Myoryuji was designed to circumvent the restrictions and serve as a disguised military outpost. It was built with considerable defences and escape routes, so that its defenders could alert the castle in the event of an attack. The temple’s defences aimed to guard against intruders or attack, and include hidden tunnels, secret rooms, traps, and a labyrinth of corridors and staircases.
Hence the name that is used today – Ninja Dera. Eventhough it is not all that difficult to imagine a secret Ninja base or even the patron of all Ninja’s to reside here.

Looking at Water
A Tree to Dream For
Forgotten Van (around the corner)

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