Misuki Shigeru, a little yokai boy and Sakaiminato

On the other side of Honshu, on the north coast, where the winters are cold, dark and long, there is a little village called Sakaiminato. It is well known for fishing and it is the birthtown of Misuki Shigeru, famed author of manga. Most famous are probably the numerous adventures of the half-yokai boy Kitaro and his friends.
Now, confronted with my quest for the underdetermined, the fairies and the spirits my uncle suggested a tour to that village – after all this region being one of Japan’s most densely populated area by yokai, deities and other spirits. And indeed in a mix of absences and hyperpresences we could find some distinct traces of presences.

Traces, Traces, Everywhere:

yokaivillageweb 10
Backyard View
yokaivillageweb 3
First Indications, may be?
yokaivillageweb 16
Everyday in Yokai village, it is looks quite normal actually …
yokaivillageweb 6
A shed and a backyard, and some yokai traces in broad daylight
yokaivillageweb 15
The First Wave (yokai matsuri)
yokaivillageweb 9
Nostalgia with Eyeball Yokai
yokaivillageweb 11
oops, seems like another species is visiting
yokaivillageweb 12
After a while you notice … Yokai everywhere?
yokaivillageweb 4
Hairdressers’ with monster support …

yokaivillageweb 19

yokaivillageweb 21

And as one might expect there is also a lot of fancy merchandise, all sorts of edible inventions, toys, gadgets, etc … Here are just two examples:

yokaivillageweb 18

yokaivillageweb 8

And here are some links for further reading:

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Let’s take a photo together! (Neko-musume (Cat girl), Gegegeno Kitaro with Eyeball Dad, Nezumi Otoko (Rat Man))