Osaka Aerial Views, Billiken and the Hitachi Tower

Up Hitachi Tower to not see the end of this city.

On top of the Tower that reaches Heaven (also called Tsutenkaku or Hitachi Tower) sits a little statue that is mysteriously cherished as a God of Happiness (or “The God of How Things Ought to be”). This little God is called Billiken and initially he was an invention (or devine inspiration) by an American art teacher. Interesting to know is that today the statue that is found up at the tower is a replica of one that initally was found at Luna Park not far away.

Hitachi Tower from below

Touching the feet of Billiken on top of the tower is said to bring happiness … There are more replica around. Purchasing one brings luck, receiving on even more … (so it is a great souvenir). Apart from this, this little God travels to promote business and in some ways seems to be an offspring of Daikoku even if I can’t see any mention of Daikoku around … but Billiken and Daikokuten rhym a bit …  In any case, the sight from the tower is impressive one way or the other.

Inside Hitachi Tower:

Drum game machine on the way up to the top of the tower
The dodgy bunch watching, still on the way to the top ...
The dodgy bunch watching, still on the way to the top …
Takarakuji and the big Paw
Billiken also everywhere
View up to the mountains

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