Ame Ame Ame

A Candy Store where Decades or Centuries meet …

Ame, ame, ame …

“Ame” means sweets and “ame” means rain. It is one of my oldest memories of learning about homonyms …, the magic robot cat Doraemon was playing around with an umbrella full of candy for rainy days …, I think he had invented a machine that could transform rain into candies via this umbrella, or at least that would be a nice idea …

A long time customer, may be … cycling by a sweet shop (traditional style).

I want some sweets, but I don’t want rain. I came to Kanazawa also because I read about a sweets museum but more than looking at or tasting sweets I seem to have entered a city that seems to permanently send you to time travel.  There is an old candy shop in a random street. And as I find out quite a famous one. They are call “Ame no Tawaraya” and have a 180 year long history. Their speciality is traditional soft candy. Some are made from corn starch, some with wheat, some just with sugar. Just like some decades ago, or even longer …

the goods on display (and some photos of the owners)
Corn Starch Candy



The same shop, some decades ago … (ignore the bike)

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