Yokohama Port, the Hikawa Maru and Yamashita Koen

Gate to the World


The Hikawa Maru is an ocean liner that was launched on the 30th September 1929 and traveled primarily the route between Yokohama and Seattle. During her first years of service the Hikawa Maru was nickname “The Queen of the Pacific” for her reputation for service that combined splendid food and beautiful art deco interiors. These glamourous days were cut short by WW2 when the Hikawa Maru sheltered and transported thousands of refugees. Later having been turned into a hospital ship rather it is one of the only two large passenger ships that survived WW2. It resumed its travelling services later.


Further information on the Hikawa Maru and her Mother Company:

Seagull Private Party
Seagull Private Party

And then … if you put on your movie glasses … I believe you know what I mean …
Imagine this scene at night …:

Port Ware House

And this scene in gentle light:

Yamashita Koen (Day Time View)