Hundred Stories about Love

encountering a poem in exchange for non-taken photographs

Hundred Stories about Love were to be found at the Kanazawa Art Museum. No Photos were allowed but I carried a poem away, a poem like a prayer. Written by Shuntaro Tanikawa, it accompanied the exhibition, remaining closer than what was shown.

Here is the English translation:


“Love – it’s easy to say.
“Love” – it’s not hard to write, either.

“Love” – everyone knows the feeling.
“Love” – is liking so much it’s close to sadness.

“Love” – is wanting to be with you always.
“Love” – is wishing you’d live forever.

“Love” – it’s not the word “love”.
“Love” – it’s not just a feeling, either.

“Love” – is remembering the distant past.
“Love” – is believing in an invisible future.

“Love” – is thinking over and over again.
“Love” – is living, risking one’s life.

From: Everything is Soft, Dainippon Tosho Publishing Co., Ltd, 1999

Translated by William I. Elliott and Kazuo Kawamura